Contest: Who Takes Most Steps Out of MLB Batter’s Box?

Fri, Aug 31, 2012

The Book

Contest time. Giving a signed book Batting Stance Guy A Love Letter to Baseball (Scribner) to whoever leave best answer to who else takes most baby steps outta the batter’s box.
Twitter: @BattingStanceG

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12 Responses to “Contest: Who Takes Most Steps Out of MLB Batter’s Box?”

  1. Didrums44 Says:

    Pablo Sandoval


  2. Princey Jones Says:

    Since there are no other comments, do I automatically win?

    Carlos Quentin takes a LOT of steps. He can`t even run out of the box!

    See! He couldn`t even slide home correctly!


  3. Sadat Maya Says:

    Curtis Granderson EASILY takes the cake here. The guy takes forever to get in the batting box and when he does, he can`t get out of it…..


  4. Billy Bob Says:

    Carl Crawford anybody??

    C.C. has one of the funniest stances mainly because it is simply entertaining to watch him run out of the box.


  5. Mr. Mister Says:

    His name is Mike Aviles, just look at the guy!


  6. Omar G Says:

    Adrian Beltre does it selectively. Just don’t touch his head.


  7. SethH Says:

    It’s kind of a corollary here, but Jose Lopez (Mariners) used to take like 450 steps to get to first base. Dude ran like his shoes were tied together. Best penguin impression I’ve ever seen by a pro athlete.


  8. Austin Says:

    Carlos Gomez, center fielder for the Brewers, when he hits a bomb.


  9. Boss Chipper Says:

    Did you see me today? I took like 5 minutes to get to home plate!


  10. Billy Jeane Says:

    Prince Fielder. Hands down. He struggles to run as it is, but his stance is so spread out that he has to take a minute to start running. Love that ad you did for the Brewers by the way!


  11. Nate Parrish Says:

    Without a doubt it has to be Brian Downing. The guys nickname was the Human Rain Delay.


  12. Ryan Says:

    I think Mike Hargrove was the human rain delay.

    Ryan Klesko is a forgotten one here. He didn’t even know if he should be in the batter’s box.


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