MLB 2012 All-Star Starters

Week in Review : 7/2/12
The fans have voted and here are the winners. Your named 2012 All-Star Game starters. Batting Stance Guy gives you a look at the KC midsummer classic.
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5 Responses to “MLB 2012 All-Star Starters”

  1. WD Says:

    Da fuck is this?


  2. EarlNash (@EarlNash) Says:

    Great stuff, as always!
    It reminds me of my childhood days of stickball, Home Run Derby, and Wiffle ball, when we imitated Mays, McCovey, Aaron…

    Hey! How about a Home Run Derby Classic Series???

    Take a look at this rant about how to change the All-Star game selection process; it has a Bud Light photo and angle. I would love to hear YOUR ideas!


  3. pklMMA Says:

    hahah Thats funny man!It was a lil too fast tho!
    But getting your kid involved was awesome.The first time I saw your website,I was like;”this guy had the best ,funniest idea in a long time in baseball!”.

    Keep the great stuff coming 😉


  4. Mike Says:

    So irrelevant. Please stop perpetuating that this guy is anything more than the hack he is.


  5. who cares Says:

    Weakkk.. i had high expectations for this to give me a laugh.. however i was very so badly unimpressed that i will be making my own and trust me it will be much better than this


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