Josh Hamilton Is On Fire

MLB Week In Review: 5/14/12
Josh Hamilton is on fire. Let’s breakdown the numbers, the stance, the lockerroom requests from Hamilton himself. It’s the week in review!
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2 Responses to “Josh Hamilton Is On Fire”

  1. NeonDon Says:

    This is fun, you’re making money off what millions of us have been doing all our lives. And some traits you have down great. But most of the stuff is an exaggerated characterization or cartoon of the real guy and traits. You don’t have Hamilton’s stance or swing down at all..or many of the others. But, like I said, it’s fun and you’ve been smart with what to do with something so much fun and obviously even the major leaguers (who probably used to do it themslves) enjoy it. So kudos nonetheless.


  2. thepasc Says:

    Oh man,thats funny!Keep having fun…


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