New 2012 MLB Batting Stances

MLB Week in Review : 4/09/12
BSG shares his love for baseball each week of the season highlighting things you may have missed. Why am I speaking in 3rd person?


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3 Responses to “New 2012 MLB Batting Stances”

  1. Zach pitts Says:

    Longo is way more open this year


  2. Dustin Hacker Says:

    My family and I think that you’re fabulous, Batting Stance Guy. One serious suggestion: why not pronounce spanish player names correctly? For example, Yoenis Cespedes is not cess-PE-des, as you say it, it’s CESS-pe-des. That’s the only correct way to pronounce this name. As another example the commonly mispronounced name of Angel Pagan. First, pronouncing Angel with the English language pronunciation sounds really dumb, as you know. After all, Jesus isn’t pronounced with the English pronunciation, thank the lord. The name Angel is correctly pronounced, in spanish, in the following manner: AHN-hell.

    Thank you for reading this (hopefully). If you would like any further assistance with correct Spanish name pronunciations, don’t hesitate to email me.


  3. Charles Says:

    Wow. How about when YOU make the videos, you can pronounce the names as you wish.


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