The San Francisco Giants Shuffle

To promote the upcoming season of “The Franchise”, Showtime gave the San Francisco Giants $7 in BART tokens and access to a little league baseball field. This is what they came up with.
twitter: @BattingStanceG

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5 Responses to “The San Francisco Giants Shuffle”

  1. redroc Says:

    A-W-F-U-L. Dude should stick to batting stances. Lot funnier. Know your limits, brah. Your name, after all is, “Batting Stance Guy.”


  2. Berdell Says:

    Boring, very boring…..a waste of time.


  3. William Says:

    The Giants would never give it’s player $7 in BART tokens because… There are no such things as tokens for the BART! Come on, get the facts straight! And that park looks awfully familiar to the one off of the 5 FWY in LA! Love your batting stances though!


  4. John Says:

    Luv the Wilson Show


  5. Erin Says:

    Hilarious! Obviously the people posting negative comments, do not have a Showtime subscription. This was right on! Nice work.

    Sidenote: William- this whole thing was a mockery… Does it matter if BART accepts tokens?


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