The Brian Wilson Show: Episode 1

What if enigmatic Giants closer Brian Wilson had his own late night TV show? We have the answer.


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11 Responses to “The Brian Wilson Show: Episode 1”

  1. gmatt Says:

    He did have his own show on CSN-Bay Area called “Life with Brian”. He was also a regular guest on Chris Rose’s “The Cheap Seats”


  2. Anna O'Steen Says:

    liked your butterfly tattoo Brian….


  3. @BradBonnifield Says:

    Thanks for the random FACT gmatt.


  4. boogbite Says:

    This is supposed to be B-Weezy? Not convincing. I’d say stick to the hitters, BSG, and stay off the mound.


  5. Will Says:

    Nailed it! Hilarious.


  6. Jason Lloren Says:

    This isn’t very funny. Fact.


  7. J Says:

    Not funny FATSO.


  8. giantmight Says:

    I’m a Giants fan. Was torn between thinking if this is funny or not, thinking it might be condescending, until the bit at the end. Nice work. Funny, but not side-splitting funny.


  9. Schaef Says:

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen!! Thank you, BSG!!!


  10. MtotheHale Says:

    KA-BOOM!! You GOT this BSG! Sa-LAYED IT!!



  1. […] The MLB Network asked the Batting Stance Guy, Gar Ryness, what a Brain Wilson Late Night TV Talk Show would look like. And once again, the BSG sleighed it.  The first episode aired on Thursday and according to the man himself, there are several more to come. So get your weekend started a little early and enjoy, “The Brian Wilson Show: Episode 1” […]

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