St. Louis Cardinals-
Albert Pujols
Jim Edmonds
Mark McGwire
Ozzie Smith
Tom Herr
Jack Clark
Vince Coleman
Willie McGee
Terry Pendleton
Keith Hernandez
George Hendrick
Darrell Porter
Ray Lankford
Jose Oquendo
Tom Lawless
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22 Responses to “Cardinals”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You forgot about David Eckstein!!! He holds the bat all weird!!!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    You are awesome, no doubt. But what about the greatest Cardinal hitter of all time: Stan Musial!

    He had a very distinctive stance, as you well know.



  3. Anonymous Says:

    Gotta love Tom Lawless.

    1987 World Series.


  4. Dylan Says:

    Dude, you need to update it and put both eckstein and ludwick. I would love to see you to eckstein!


  5. MaddenDude Says:

    man you are a genius.


  6. PJ Says:

    Yadier would be pretty good too.

    Great job


  7. cardinala Says:

    You are awesome!!!


  8. cardinal man Says:

    Everyone of those was perfect except for albert has his bat down a little more this season. The Mark McGwire one was dead on! Keep it up!


  9. DC Says:

    Cardinal stances are great but Ray Lankford needs a little work.


  10. tw Says:

    Great stuff!
    But yeah, you gotta have a Stan The Man.


  11. LUke K Says:

    LOL. Those were actually dead on. Funny as hell, but pretty dead on to the real stances.


  12. Lance Says:

    How can you not have the Willie McGee bill of the helmet head scratch and face he made while doing it? Surely he didn’t just start that when he came to the Giants?

    Horrible swing was right though. I might have added an even worse looking swing and miss on the first pitch as Willie usually did.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Great! All were fantastic, and you should add Jim Edmond’s taking a pitch. Or just stick a statue in there.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    u should seriously consider doing pitches too.


  15. NO Says:

    What about Albet P BIG HEAD


  16. mazenblu Says:

    Great stuff, T.Herr was too funny. Willie McGee is my all time fav and my friend had him down from both sides. You’ve got to stick your @ss out and get him down better. He was curling his face, grabbing his helmet, wiping snot and everything lol. Keep it up.


  17. Anonymous Says:

    albert and lankford were not even close.


  18. samcardsfan Says:

    you need satn the man come on he is the man now do his stance man


  19. Roger Says:

    I have to agree with Lance. Willie was good, but he had by far, the ugliest “swing and a miss” in baseball! Caution, this swing should only be attempted by trained professionals, in a controlled environment!


  20. scotty Says:

    u need eckstein,walker,ankiel,ludwick,stan the man,rolen,etc


  21. scotty Says:

    man you are a genius.


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