2010 Rookie Watch : Starlin Castro

Fri, Aug 13, 2010

2010 Rookie Watch

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We bookend week 2 of Rookie Watch with another Cubs youngster.  The Cubs lost 3 outta 4 in their series with the Giants this week, so it would’ve been easy to miss rookie Starlin Castro’s 10 for 20 performance, including a 4 hit day in the final game yesterday, but BSG didn’t.  Castro has had a pretty stellar rookie season in general, opening with a HR and batting well over .300, but BSG is pained to know that he didn’t even see a minute of the 80’s.  Just in time to feel old for your weekend, it’s Rookie Watch!

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  1. Essay Says:

    Where the hell is Mike Stanton? He only has 12 homers in half as many games at Colvin.


  2. Essay Says:

    *as Colvin


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