2010 Rookie Watch : Jason Heyward

Mon, Aug 2, 2010

2010 Rookie Watch

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As baseball enters the 2nd-to-last month of the 2010 season, BSG kicks off a new series celebrating this year’s stellar rookie class.  With names like Posey, Alvarez, Heyward, and, of course, Strasburg, the 2010 frosh seem poised to make a lotta noise in the bigs for quite some time.  We think we got a pretty good list here, but we’ll be looking for your input to round it out, so please chime in.  We kick things off with the rookie who got things off to a bang with his season-opening, 1st-MLB-At-Bat, monster HR.  It’s none other than the Atlanta Braves phenom, Jason Heyward.  Enjoy!

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