BSG ALL-STAR GAME 2010 : Best Jersey Search

Wed, Jul 14, 2010

2010 All Star Game, Discussion

When you make it your business to know the stance of every player in baseball, past and present, you get pretty familiar with the fashion trends from around the league.  BSG fancies himself something of a jersey connoisseur, so the scene at the All-Star FanFest and Home Run Derby was a veritable buffet of nostalgic delights.  Follow along as he scours the crowd at Angel Stadium looking for fans with an eye for the obscure.

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3 Responses to “BSG ALL-STAR GAME 2010 : Best Jersey Search”

  1. Rob Says:

    Yo BSG,

    Great Idea looking for creative/rare Jerseys. The best one I’ve seen at a game, had to be at PROGRESSIVE FIELD, last Summer or the Summer before when NY was in town, a NY Yankee’s White “COSTANZA” Jersey….Cotton.

    The best two I own are a CLEVELAND BROWNS #23 “LEBRON” Football Jersey, modeled off the Superbowl Commercial he did in 2009…..of course, that won’t be ever worn in CLEVELAND again.

    And the other, is my OHIO STATE BUCKEYES SCARLET JOHNNY UTAH (#9) Jersey. Recall from the movie “POINT BREAK”, Keanu Reeves was an Ex-OHIO STATE QB (much like later in his life, as SHANE FALCO in “THE REPLACEMENTS”) turned FBI-Agent who had to go undercover as a Cali-Surfer to infiltrate the gang of Bank Robbers dressed as “The EX-PRESIDENTS”!!! 100% Adrenaline.

    I know those last two are not baseball Jerseys, but good none-the-less, No?


  2. Kayla Chen Says:

    Ok,Perfect.I have got it.

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    Thank you so much.


  3. Howard Says:

    Coors field is a great place to see a game. And the jerseys are very nice too…..


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