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The other week BSG made an appearance on the LA-based Japanese network, UTB Hollywood.  He had a great time, and the segment looks wonderful, but our Japanese is, well… rusty.  Sure we could use Google Translate, but we thought we’d turn to the BSG community to help us out.  So be the first to post a transcript comment on this site following the guidelines on the page, and we’ll send you a signed copy of A Love Letter to Baseball.  Sound good?  Then get translating!


  1. Video segment  is 2 min – translation notes must indicate times (ie. 0:35 – BSG said….)
  2. Minimum of 10 video notes.
  3. Email us at when your post is up (so we can email the winner)
  4. Honor system – if you’re making it up, the Japanese BSG community with rain fire.
  5. 1st post to follow these rules wins!!
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2 Responses to “BSG in Japanese – The Contest”

  1. D.O. Says:

    0:35 (VO) we found a suspicious guy at Dodger Stadium before the game.

    0:37 (VO) but looks like players know him.

    0:40 (VO) he is Gar-san aka the batting stance guy, who can perfectly imitate over 400 MLB batters.

    1:04 (VO) we asked him to impersonate japanese MLB players.

    1:08 (VO) can you tell who this is?

    1:14 (VO) this one is easy.

    1:17 (VO) yes it`s Ichiro from the Seattle Mariners.

    1:30 (VO) and matsui is next…

    1:37 (VO) i don`t know about his facial expression. does he really do that?

    2:00 (VO) please visit his home page for more batting stances.


  2. BSG Admin Says:

    Congratulations to D.O. for getting his translation in first! We can all now enjoy the fruits of his labor as we watch the video. Stay tuned for more chances to win signed books, right here on!


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