Nationals Pre-Game

Just finished a rainy day game at AT&T park where the Giants got something like 5 singles in a row in the 7th to takedown the Washington Nationals 5-4 and win the series 2-1.  It’s been a Nationals kinda week for BSG, so we figured we’d the keep the ball rolling with a little pre-game stance discussion with the MASN crew.  Enjoy!

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  1. CDUB Says:

    Saw you at the Giants game doing Pablo “Big Panda” Sandoval. Looked a little too “ogre-ish” but it was still funny. Gotta love how it looks like he’s going to rush the pitcher before a pitch has even been thrown. Enjoy your 15 minutes dude…I’m jealous. Me and my buddies used to do this stuff all the time, but you know the history of the game way better than me.

    Have you really been to every major league park prior to BSG?


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