BSG interviews Ryan Zimmerman

BSG will be in the San Francisco Bay Area tomorrow (more on that later) where the Giants are currently taking on Ryan Zimmerman and  the Washington Nationals.  He recently got a chance to sit down with Zimmerman to play a round of “Who Knows you Best.”  So if you like the sound of two men drinking Gatorade, and obscure questions and answers with MLB All-Stars, then this interview’s for you.  Enjoy!

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3 Responses to “BSG interviews Ryan Zimmerman”

  1. Jon Says:

    Great stuff. Enjoy seeing Ryan when he’s not doing the “purposefully uninteresting thing” with the local media. Seems like a funny guy.


  2. ihatewalks Says:

    love it. esp the “Captain Morgan” quip.



  1. [...] the show. Eventually Ryan Zimmerman came over to talk with Ryness (see above.) Ryness had recently interviewed Zimmerman and Zimmerman is a huge fan of his work. “The guy is absolutely hilarious. We huddle around the [...]

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