Magglio Ordoñez’s 2006 ALCS-ending HR

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We got a good one going in Detroit folks.  Yesterday the Twins and Tigers split the doubleheader to keep the Tigers 2 up.  Today they start the 2nd half of their 4-game series at Comerica.  The evening win for the Tigers yesterday was thanks in large part to a 2 run scoring double from a guy who’s done it before for em.  Have a look at the shot Magglio Ordonez hit in the 2006 ALCS to sweep the A’s and take the Tigers to their first World Series in over 20 years.

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  1. andy m Says:

    great attention to detail! the polanco hoodie cannot be beat. pollie makes you wonder what alcs stands for… the american lcs or the antarctic lcs.


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