BSG’s Who To Watch: AL East

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The big bad AL East. This is where it all starts and ends folks. And while it may be all over but the crying for any non-Yankees to clinch a division title this year, we wanted you to know that BSG hasn’t forgotten about these fellas. Scutaro, Aybar, and Markakis might not be names you’ll hear this year after September, so don’t miss your chance to see these stances in action now. As for Youkilis, we think he’s been fairly covered at this point. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “BSG’s Who To Watch: AL East”

  1. Chip Says:

    Careful not to turn this into “Batting Stance Guy for Dummies”…you don’t need to explain so much HOW you do all this; preserve a little more of the magic that goes into what your doing by producing these videos a little better so BSG doesn’t have to be the host so much. :-)


  2. Tym Says:

    You should do AL Central!


  3. alex Says:

    i would really like to see kendry morales, russell branyan, marlon byrd, ian kinsler, and michael young for the west. for the central i kinda wanna see curtis granderson, alex rios, paul konerko, carlos quentin, aj peirzynski, alexei ramirez, carlos gomez, and justin morneau


  4. alex Says:

    and you HAVE to do prince fielders walkoff this year


  5. Alex Says:

    Richie Sexson would be cool


  6. Griffin Says:

    Do big papi.


  7. nick Says:

    definetly do big PAPi….. hes a beast



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