BSG’s National League MVP candidates

Wed, Sep 2, 2009

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Not that his vote will actually count for anything, but as the 2009 MLB season heads into it’s final month BSG thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the possible National League MVP candidates.  Have a look, think hard, and let us know who he missed.

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7 Responses to “BSG’s National League MVP candidates”

  1. Alida Says:

    Whyyy Not a lil Kung Fu?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    You should do Rookie of the Year candidates.


  3. Danny Says:

    Mark Teixeira or Joe Mauer or Kurtis Granderson no doubt.


  4. Brandon Says:

    like it but i think Hanley Ramirez should’ve definitley been there.

    Mauer Al MVP for sure


  5. Mike C Says:

    my kids and i would love to see you do Pablo Sandoval, any chance?


  6. Joey E. Says:

    hey man you’re great. i love it.

    Andre Ethier needs something done. He has 4 walk-off HR’s and is probably the Dodgers best right now.

    some say he’s got the best swing in baseball


  7. Eric Says:

    I think that Mauer should be MVP but if not him then Carlos Pena even though he’s on the dl he is still my 2nd vote.


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