BSG’s Who to Watch: NL Central

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It’s that time of week again folks.  Not that you’ve actually been waiting for it or that we do anything on any kind of actual schedule that you could follow if you wanted to, but nevertheless, the time has come.  For what you ask? Why it’s Batting Stance Guy’s Who to Watch, and this week he’s giving you the breakdown on the best hitters to watch in the NL Central.  Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “BSG’s Who to Watch: NL Central”

  1. anonymous Says:


    for the NL West lets see

    Dodgers: Russell Martin
    D’Backs: Mark Reynolds
    Giants: Juan Uribe
    Rockies: Eric Young Jr.
    Padres: Kyle Blanks


  2. Mike Says:

    haha…loved the Lastings Milledge…the new OchoCinco…wamp wamp…wamp wamp wamp

    Show some love for the rookie of the year candidate, Andrew McCutchen, when you get a chance, Steve Pearce too…I think his would be amusing…One of those true Pirate fans…haha




  3. Joe Says:

    How about Skip Schumaker?


  4. Dan Brantner Says:

    Casey McGehee. The puffed out cheeks, the quick jolt of bouncing up. Its funny, at least he hits well. Go Brewcrew!!


  5. Griffin Says:

    You have to do julio lugo.


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