BSG’s Who to Watch: NL West

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You asked for the kung fu panda, and you got em. Check out Pablo Sandoval and the rest of BSG’s favorite stances in the NL West, in the second weekly installment of the hit show that’s sweepin’ the nation, Batting Stance Guy’s “Who to Watch.” Enoy!

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4 Responses to “BSG’s Who to Watch: NL West”

  1. Alida Says:

    I love Pablo! He is my favorite. and Upton, You should do Dan Haren’s batting stance.


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  3. Don Chin Says:

    Brilliant! If you do Tim Lincecum, let me know and I’ll post it on our fan website at!



  4. roberto Torres Says:

    You have to do jaun uribe with his epic over swing on everything


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