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Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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Well it’s been a busy and exciting week here at the BSG corporate headquarters.  Thanks to everyone who’s emailed, texted, and tweeted in support for the big man’s appearance on Letterman Monday.  So while the 15 minute clock is still running on this crazy train, here’s a few new interviews from the week.  Enjoy!

USA Today – Phat stance: Fox adds imitator to telecasts.

Star Telegram – “The Batting Stance Guy” takes on the Texas Rangers in FSN debut

Detroit News – A Conversation with the Batting Stance Guy…

OC Register – Angles add a new TV/Web Star
Minneapolis-St. Paul StarTribune: Q&A with Batting Stance Guy

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2 Responses to “Hot off the presses”

  1. The Sean Alfe Says:

    Ha, go Gar! I bet the endorsement deals are pouring in. “Hi, I’m the Batting Stance Guy, and whenever I’m thirsty, I drink a nice cool glass of Gatorade. Gatorade, is it in you?”


  2. ALM Says:

    BSG hq … what is that, your bathroom?


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