Famous Movie Stances : Vol. 2

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It's Famous Movie Stances the sequel.  From the same team that brought you the original, with all the glitz, glammer, and cameos that you'd expect of a hollywood sequel.  We're still thinking about making it a trilogy, so tell us who you'd like to cast for the ewoks.

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POSTED: 7/03/2009
If Micheal Bay can make not one, but two Transformers movies, then we can surely offer a second helping of famous batting stances from the big screen. If we’ve missed any of your favorites here, hit us up with suggestions and maybe we’ll make it a trilogy. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Famous Movie Stances : Vol. 2”

  1. Baseball fan Says:

    loved the video!! what about more of the guys from Major League, Bad News Bears, or the Natural, or even Kevin Costner’s swing from Field of Dreams?


  2. Anonymous Says:

    benny rodriguez and cerano from major league 2


  3. Anonymous Says:

    how about squints from sandlot


  4. chris schlichting Says:

    according to imdb, Tom Milanovich plays the mets evil slugger in “Rookie of the year,” and not Donald Gibb (ogre). but it still looks like the guy from the nerds movies and bloodsport. you may want to check on this.

    great work though. you’re my idol.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    weres benchwarmers d bags


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Jake Taylor?, Willie Mays Hayes? from the original major league


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Jack Parkman from Major League 2


  8. Anonymous Says:

    @ Chris: i thought it was Donald Gibb as well, and was convinced IMDB made a mistake, but i researched it and it is Tom Milanovich, theres just not that much to google about him. He passed in 2003. I know this thread is old but in case other people oddly enough look up the truth behind this discrepency- fact is its Tom and not Don.


  9. Titus Says:

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