Famous Movie Stances : Vol. 1

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POST DATE : 6/24/2009
The first Michael Bay film of the year hitting theatres can only mean one thing… the summer movie season has officially begun. Not to be outdone, BSG decided to take a short break from the big leagues to tackle the best stances from the silver screen. A tip to all you production researchers out there, make sure to get a handle on Shoeless Joe Jackson’s left/right switch before putting Ray Liotta at the plate. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Famous Movie Stances : Vol. 1”

  1. red head Says:

    BSG is the best – never fail to laugh out loud (too old to use LOL). Does he do football QBs? to start Johnny U, Joe Willie, Fran Tarkenton, would be fun


  2. baseball fan Says:

    amazing once again!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Jay Says:

    we would like to see your stances side by side with the real ones. this is extremely funny though.



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