Yankees : 2009 Edition

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Partly because the baseball season is now in full swing, and partly because we agree that the current stance video for the Yanks doesn’t really do the team, or BSG, full justice, we’re breaking down the 09′ edition of the Bronx Bombers. Since we’re dealing with New York fans here, we suppose “Enjoy” may be a little too hopeful, so let the critiquing begin! (And Enjoy!)

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45 Responses to “Yankees : 2009 Edition”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    terrible i can do better than that :{


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty good. Teixeira, Jeter, and A-Rod are the best

    I’d like to see you do the Mets batting stances for 2009. I don’t think 2008’s stances were that great for the Mets.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    man ur great even though this anonymous guy says he can do better that’s bullshit no one can, I could not stop laughing at the Nick Swisher one how he looks up and how you exaggerate it! You have to make one for the 2009 Red Sox because I want to see your Nick Green impression.


  4. steve Says:

    How can anyone complain about BSG. What jerks.


  5. AJ_dodgers5 Says:

    I wanna see the 09 dodgers lineup!!


  6. Marcus Says:

    he must be a “Sox” fan


  7. j moore Says:

    nice.. u need to do yunel escobar of the braves


  8. dillon Says:

    it was good now do the 2009 braves edition


  9. Spam Says:

    Mark Teixeira of softball right here :)


  10. Anonymous Says:

    I almost cried during the Molina impression! Keep up the great work.. how about some pitching deliveries?


  11. Wanda Says:

    I loved Youkilis’ stance! You almost got Jorge Posada though. You forgot the 4 taps on the plate (cross).


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent job. Just a few tweaks needed. Tex is always blowing out his cheeks like a pufferfish with each swing; Damon a little less active with the right leg (though great job with the slow bat wave right before the pitch); And A-Roid’s practice swings are a little slower. Nailed the quirks on the guys.


  13. Jason O. Says:

    Damon’s little “elbow collapse” with both hands on the bat? Excellent. Jose Molina? Priceless.


  14. XxAZZKIKRxX Says:

    i’ve been wondering ,what does your batting stance look like?…or do you just pick who you want to bat like?


  15. Anonymous Says:

    he is great the stances look just like they do in real life


  16. Anonymous Says:

    loved swisher


  17. Cam Says:

    Dude, hilarious. Don’t listen to these chumps critizing you. If a die hard fan can watch this video with no sound on and know exactly who you’re doing, which I can, then there’s nothing you need to do different. That Damon leg thing was priceless!


  18. josh Says:

    the only thing i can say about the A-Rod stance is u should fool around an strap the giant elbow pads A-Rod wears


  19. Whacker Says:

    Great Bucky Fn Dent!! Right down to the bat change. Your stint on Letterman made me think of wiffleball imitating Dick McCauliff of the Tigers when I was a kid. Keep of the good work.


  20. o hai Says:

    Don’t know if you noticed, but Derek has this strange tic where he nervously touches the side of his helmet, the side of his face, and I think his shoulder with his right hand when he’s getting in the box. I don’t know if it’s every pitch, but it’s definitely noticeable.


  21. Joanie Says:

    You are too hilarious!!! I am saving this website and putting it in my favorites!!! You nailed the Youkilis one….too funny!!!


  22. Ryan Says:

    Haha I love it! Keep it up


  23. Eric Says:

    hahahahaha i’ve been trying to do some of these for years and its not nearly as easy as you make it look.

    Teixeira, and AROD: perfect


  24. Mike Says:

    Loved Molina…why does he even bring a bat up to the plate??


  25. hayden Says:

    it was ok…………kinda:(


  26. Anonymous Says:

    do don mattingly


  27. A Train Says:

    I absolutely love this, my son and I are big-time Yanks fans so we love this, we watch it all the time and die laughing.
    Swisher, priceless
    Godzilla, dead on
    Molina, extremely funny
    Tex…., also great



  28. Anonymous Says:

    You make mark teixeira look like an idiot.


  29. Eric Says:

    Yankees rule!!!! Buck foston!!!!


  30. Anonymous Says:

    Yankees are the best ! However, you are horrible. Get a damn life you stupid, idiot. Go Yankees! We will win the World Series !


  31. Anonymous Says:

    Hey A Train if you are a Yankees fan why do you like this video ? I know you are a Red Sox fan !


  32. Anonymous Says:

    Why is everybody thinking that this video is funny ? Totally weird .


  33. YankeesGurl Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Funniest stuff EVER!!! Just watched two Yankees games in the Bronx last month. BSG does it PERFECTLY!!! I HEART Teixeira and the impression of him is RIGHT ON! So are Damon, Jeter and Swisher! Can’t stop laughing!


  34. Anonymous Says:

    Haha, Tex was actually hilarious. So was Molina, hahahaha.


  35. Anonymous Says:

    pretty good. would have liked to see reggie jackson


  36. tracy Says:

    I CANNOT watch the Yankee game without laughing at every batter…Shits HILARIOUS


  37. Alex Says:

    Ok, BSG- you are pretty darn good! I love
    your videos.


  38. Jared Says:

    I think you should do a lineup of all of your favorite stances, one from every position. That would be hilarious. Unrelated- my personal favorites are Damon, Ricky Henderson, Carlos Quentin, and Kevin Youkilis (playoff intensity)


  39. Werth Says:

    That stunk! What was with the Cano. I could do better!


  40. Anonymous Says:

    the only good ones were a-rod and jeter… Every other one I thought was pretty bad.


  41. Lisa Says:

    Had to see this again because I miss Damon and Matsui. This is a lot of fun. I love Mark Teixeira (if tough to do right now) and yet this is hilarious imo. Wonder why you didn’t go “all out” when you did the stance for him in Anaheim…lol.


  42. Saint Says:

    That was funny and better than most…nice job.



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