BSG at Spring Training with the Red Sox

Originally Posted April 04, 2009

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13 Responses to “BSG at Spring Training with the Red Sox”

  1. Sorge Says:

    un-freaking-believable! amazing. hilarious. love it!


  2. Ridgway Says:

    Oh man. Your the greatest. That is so wicked.


  3. Nick Says:

    nice man youre the funniest guy


  4. sean Says:

    you brought back so many memories, I used to immitate every major leaguer in the 70’s – 80’s.. my buddies and I used to play ” who am I?”
    I used to immiate Yaz, with his pull up behind the pants and forward stance, Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk, Normar Garciaparra, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, , you name it.. !
    Keep up the good work, you’re making a million people smile = )


  5. Bob Ritchie Says:

    Wow!! I’m going to waste a lot of time on this site.


  6. Matt Says:

    what, no ‘wicked pisser’ comments out of you saux fans?


  7. Alex Says:

    HOLY COW!!! Why the heck did you even think to do this?!!? So much for ‘least marketable skill’!!! I saw you on ESPN a while back, and have seen you on youtube before. You’re not unmarketable, you’ve just discovered a new one! OH, btw, the Red Sox need a new ’09 version.


  8. BoB aka DedhamBoB Says:

    Thank you for giving me so much to watch when there is nothing on!!! Hysterical!


  9. greg Says:

    Awesome. Great job on Letterman. Keep them coming…


  10. Monty Says:

    Gotta see Mike “The Hit Dog” Easler in the repertoire! Also, Mike “The Human Rain Delay” Hargrove and Pudge Fisk. Also, we’d love to see you add a batting helmet that pours water down your face for the Youkilis one.


  11. Celticrosie Says:

    Just too funny…..don’t ever stop. Keep us laughing!!!!!!


  12. Ken Says:

    Excellent stuff.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know if its me or there is something wrong with the video man i can see it perfectly but the audio seems kind weird


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