Best of BSG

Sat, Mar 14, 2009

Special Stances, The Media





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3 Responses to “Best of BSG”

  1. Aaron Pierce Says:

    Hey BSG! Do you remember me from ‘SC? I got a kick out of watching your videos. How are you and the family? I hope y’all are great!

    (Sorry about the generic message. I wasn’t sure if this was posted publicly or not. Feel free to email me if you get a chance!)


  2. brandon Says:

    Dude… Will Clark! I saw that you mentioned him (and you couldn’t have picked a totaler bad ass, swing-wise) but I haven’t seen footage of you imitating The Thrill. I’m going to look for it tomorrow while pretend to work some more.

    Seriously, man… great stuff, glad people are paying attention to ya. It’s great for the game.


  3. Mike Hause Says:

    I would like to see “the toy cannon” Jimmy Wynn


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