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Fri, Jan 23, 2009

Player Interactions

As BSG so casually mentioned on his appearance on MLB Network (name-dropper), last week he got the pleasure of meeting and “performing” for Carlos Quentin and several other big league sluggers.  So as this train of batting stance-related appearances rolls on, we’re pleased to present those interactions in all their unlikely glory.  Enjoy:

Carlos Quentin for Carlos Quentin


Ryan Howard for Ryan Howard


Jed Lowrie for Jed Lowrie


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5 Responses to “More from the road”

  1. A fan Says:



  2. philly phanatic Says:

    fire the camera man for the Ryan Howard one! you could barely see him when he did utley!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    This guy is like dead on! It’s so damn funny to watch this guy!


  4. yankeefan Says:

    you are so funny! i like how you do kevin youkillis and derek jeter. lol when you do derek jeter you shoot the bat to the side. thats exactly what he does!


  5. granny jojo Says:

    When are you going to do some Cardinals? I’ve seen Pujols and Molina but that’s about all.


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