He’s Baaaaaaackkk!!

Sat, Jan 17, 2009

TV Appearances

Yes folks, we’re still alive.  And we’ve been busy too.  There’ll be more to come as the season gets going, but for now, we’d like to present BSG’s inaugural appearance on the brand new MLB Network.  We always knew posting internet videos from a backyard would get us screen time with Harold Reynolds.  Just nuts.  Enjoy:

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6 Responses to “He’s Baaaaaaackkk!!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Wow, I was watching the show and I saw you doing those crazy swings on there. Then I remembered see a video like this of a guy doing Red Sox immitations. I knew it had to be you. I hva ebeen watching your videos all day and have been laughing sooo hard! This is so amazingly funny for a guy with a camera in his backyard!!



  2. A fan Says:

    Nice work – BSG! Looking forward to seeing more !! what’s next?


  3. Micheal Says:

    You are indeed a talent. You do a good job doing my boy A-Rod on your Yankees stances but I would of like to seen you tap the bat on the plate and take a few slow motion moves towards the mound with the bat like he always does, lol. Gotta put the hand on the head too while you hit the bat on the plate.


  4. Joe Says:

    The one part I didint like was the Mitch Williams 1993 thingy I am a Phillies phan


  5. sean Says:

    I luv ur videos lol i love the 08 sox playoff vid


  6. luke Says:

    You rock dude I wish I could imitate players as good as you do.


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