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Thu, Nov 20, 2008

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If the batting stances in the next release of MLB: The Show look vaguely familiar and surprisingly accurate, well, let’s just say, it won’t be a coincidence.  BSG had a big day yesterday recording stances for the good people of Sony Entertainment.  Amazing to think this unmarketable skill has actually found a market.  And we’ve got the pics to prove it.  We’ll be back with more new stuff soon, but for now, enjoy!

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9 Responses to “BSG goes digital”

  1. Jon Says:

    You have come so very far.

    Proud of the BSG,


  2. Anonymous Says:

    That is so freaking rad! you da’ man!


  3. Jared Ras Says:

    I was playing The Show the other day and thought that you would be perfect to improve their stances. In fact, I was just about to write to the developers and tell them about your body of work. It looks like they found out on their own.

    Please tell me that you did Ryan Braun for the mo-cap. They have his mannerisms great (tightening the gloves between pitches), but the stance and uppercut swing are a little off.


  4. Michael Says:

    Did you do the stances for every player in the league?

    MLB 09 The Show is going to kick butt!


  5. Mark Lockhart Says:

    BSG- I am a 36 year old fan of yours..You are without a doubt ” the best ” at perfecting MLB Player stances, more so then anyone else out there. I’ve seen others try to capture what you excel at and they do not even come close. You are dead on…I am so excited to get MLB THE SHOW 2009 More then ever cause I know you did the stances. Thanks for doing what you do- you truly do have a gift and one hell of a memory!

    Mark Lockhart~


  6. Rich Says:

    i hope you did it seriously, unlike your videos.



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