Philadelphia Phillies-
Ryan Howard
Pat Burrell
Chase Utley
Jimmy Rollins
Bobby Abreau
Len Dykstra
Darren Daulton
Mike Schmidt
Von Hayes
Greg Luzinski
Shane Victorino
Gary Maddox
Milt Thompson
Bo Diaz
John Kruk
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17 Responses to “Phillies”

  1. Erik Says:

    I was so glad to find Krukkie at the end of this. I’m a lifelong Padres fan and he was my favorite (next to T Gwynn of course). I was a slow, chubby 1st basemen in highschool when he was in Jack Murphy – so I was glad to see him on your list here. I used to imitate him all the time – probably never that good! great job


  2. Tyler Says:

    Your Burrell and Utley are legendary. You gotta get a Coste/Jenkins/Dobbs in there. Coste would be hilarious. LETS GO PHILS!


  3. Smitty Says:

    Batting Stance Guy,

    As a Phillies fan, you made me crack up big time. You have Chase down. I love the fact that you even have his short, sweet stroke down as well. Burrell was great, although Howard’s is a little off. He leans back a tad more and, when he homes, he kind of drops his bat, stares at hit, walks a little, then trots. Oh well, no big deal.

    John Kruck against Randy Johnson was a killer. I watched it four times and the throw-the-helmet, throw-the-bat routine is priceless. Absolutely hilarious.


  4. Brandon Miller Says:

    Your Victorino is hilarious


  5. Jman Says:

    Where’s Chris Coste? I wanna see that wild leg kick!


  6. Matt Nyce Says:

    That was f’n hilarious! U need to add the Todd Pratt, where u swing so hard you go down to one knee.


  7. CDO Casualty Says:

    Thank you.


  8. DG Says:

    Schmidtty was weak Bro, usually you are dead on but you gotta get the HOF’r correct. Back to the video.


  9. Jason Says:

    Hilarious, got to throw Micky in there with that high choke on the bat. Dykstra was on point.


  10. Cole Says:

    would not have been complete without krukie at the end. bravo


  11. Joe Says:

    BSG – on the Shane Victorino you gotta work in that thing where he looks at the ump then digs in the dirt on called strike one. Every time.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    i would really like to see Raul Ibanez.


  13. Pyro Says:

    The lazy lean back stance of Jayson Werth would also be quite amusing.


  14. Joe Says:

    lol dude ur just hillarious, especially being a phillies fan you got be to crack up. absolutely love the kruk vs johnson,so perfect. yo if u can, can u inimitate scott rolen in philly other 90s phillies, J-Werth, matt stairs, and rauuuuulll ibanez lol. great job man, u made a great name for urself u will always be the batting stance guy. hope ur wiff bat makes it into the hall of fame lol


  15. Otis Says:

    i think ur abreu needs work


  16. brian Says:

    stupid videos. you arent funny and im glad your fifteen minutes is almost over. corny


  17. Shemp Says:

    Very good. Used to practice these all the time in the 70’s with my plastic Phillies batting helmet. There are few other classic Phillies to add – Bobby Tolan, Willie Montanez, and Bake McBride.


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