Mon, Oct 13, 2008

AL Teams, AL West, LA Angels

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-
Vladimir Guerrero
Garret Anderson
Howie Kendrick
Chone Figgins
Tim Salmon
Darren Erstad
David Eckstein
Wally Joyner
Bobby Grich
Don Baylor
Rupert Jones
Juan Beniquez
Brian Downing
Rod Carew
Troy Glaus
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8 Responses to “Angels”

  1. Edgar, Los Angeles Says:

    Good work, but the Vladi swing needs a little work, and the Howie Kendrick was all wrong. He does sway the bat like that, but when the pitcher sets, he stops that and taps the bat on his shoulder. he doesnt rest the bat on his shoulder but he still does the tap. Aside from that, great job, especially the Darin Erstad


  2. aaron Says:

    you forgot tori hunter


  3. marcus Says:

    you should do Mike Napoli’s stance that would be cool


  4. Cam Says:

    Figgins is so funny GO ANGELS


  5. Tim Salmon Fan Says:

    Your Tim Salmon stance needs work too. Try putting your left leg a little more in the forward position, straightening your knee.


  6. Drag racer Says:

    You should do Rod Carew or perhaps Orlando Palimero.


  7. john magdaleno Says:

    i have been an angels fan my entire life and as a kid i to would imitate all the stances of the halos, my parents and friends would call a guy out and i would do it, but you take it to a whole new level! ur awesome, ny friends loved my tony phillips, do you have a tony? luis polonia is one i would like to see too. keep doing what ya do man! ur awesome



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