White Sox

Chicago White Sox-
Paul Konerko
Jermaine Dye
AJ Pierzynski
Tad Iguchi
Ozzie Guillen
Harold Baines
Frank Thomas
Robin Ventura
Carlton Fisk
Rudy Law
Ron Kittle
Joey Cora
Ivan Calderon
Carl Everett
Juan Uribe
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11 Responses to “White Sox”

  1. slick rick Says:

    wheres ron karkovice?

    and doesnt guch hold his left hand so far down on the bat that the bottom half of his hand hangs off?

    bush league, i want officer Kark!

    …just put it in your back pocket and think about it….


  2. Brewer Man Says:



  3. Matt Connelly Says:

    I’ve never laughed harder in my life…excellent…and really well done


  4. Chez Says:

    Awesome! You left out Magglio — an easy one to mimic!


  5. neelie Says:

    Well done. Suggestions:
    1. A J taps his toes with his bat;
    2. Fisk pulls up his sleeves.
    Thanks for this refreshing amusement.


  6. Dave Says:

    You totally nailed Calerdon, you just need about 14 gold chains around your neck, and I LMFAO at Frank Thomas glaring at the pitcher.


  7. Hal Says:

    Uribe is classic


  8. John Says:

    LMFAO with Uribe. Hardest swing and a miss in baseball


  9. elf Says:

    Saw this on Letterman last night. Very funny. AJ taps his toes with his bat (as mentioned in a comment above), but he also twirls his bat like a vaudevillian. Konerko has the whole OCD Garciaparra thing with the batting gloves. Someday you may want to add Alexei Ramirez whose stance isn’t so bizarre but the arc of his swing is huge.


  10. colin Says:

    wheres thome? but everything else is do u remember all those batting stances


  11. Dylan Says:

    Hey Really good stances…But with Ron Kittle Maybe a bit more Knee Flex!


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