Fri, Oct 10, 2008

Chicago Cubs, NL Central, NL Teams

Chicago Cubs-
Derrek Lee
Kosuke Fukudome
Aramis Ramirez
Alfonso Soriano
Ryne Sandberg
Mark Grace
Sammy Sosa
Shawon Dunston
Keith Moreland
Leon Durham
Gary Matthews Sr.
Andre Dawson
Glenallen Hill
Jody Davis
Moises Alou
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17 Responses to “Cubs”

  1. Curt Says:

    I’m a Brewers fanatic and was at the game when you came. You were great. The best was Braun. I love his pre-hitting routine. I also like doing players stances and imitating them, but you are best I’ve seen!!


  2. Brewer Man Says:

    I should so do another batting stance episode and put it on YouTube


  3. #1 sundevil Says:

    Derrek lee leans back and aramis ramirez sticks his hands out almost as much as slammin sammy but the mark grace was very accurate.


  4. Cub fan Says:

    Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez – pretty good
    Kosuke Fukudome and Moises Alou – very very good
    Sammy Sosa – ok, but the hop at the end was terrible (I think you might have been making fun of him, I don’t know)


  5. Noonan Says:

    How about Gary Varsho?


  6. Bill Sterrett Says:

    How about my childhood hero, Mr. Cub Ernie Banks?


  7. Cubbies Says:

    Dude your Mark Grace is probably your best impression up their with Youkilis,but your Sandberg needs some work.


  8. Someone who actually knows what stances look like Says:

    Once again…terrible. The only one that was close was old mark grace. Otherwise none of them even close. You’re a joke


  9. Ryan Says:

    that was terrible


  10. Michael Says:

    Lifelong Cubs fan here…

    These are awesome. The naysayers can stick it.

    Nowadays, Fukudome holds the bat on his shoulder for a while until the Pitcher goes to the stretch.


  11. Noel Says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Old Mark Grace and Dunston bring back memories for sure. Hilarious.


  12. zoosmon Says:

    your stances are awesome


  13. zach Says:

    your derek lee is horrible and ur a-ram his leg is back more(front) and his batting is drapping over his body, and soriano was absolutly terrible sosas was bad and alou was decent, but overall u suk.


  14. zach Says:

    and go cubbies HUGE CUBS FAN


  15. girl_Cubs_fanatic Says:

    that was okay. your imitation of Soriano was horrible though, and after him I stopped watching.


  16. dave Says:

    please do mike fontenot. man that guy’s stance is ridiculous



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