BSG with the Dodgers & Padres

We’re pleased to present some more of the on-field footage we shot when BSG was with the Dodgers and Padres for the FSN pre-game show the other week.  If you haven’t seen the FSN video yet, be sure to check it out here:


BSG & Nomar


BSG & The Padres


BSG & Wally Joyner


BSG & Josh Bard


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2 Responses to “BSG with the Dodgers & Padres”

  1. oscar esquivias Says:

    i would like to see you bat like Albert Pujols



  1. […] So far he has shown his knack for batting stance imitation at a Brewers, Twins, Angels, and Dodgers game. My favorite footage is Gar doing Nomar for Nomar. Watch the Batting Stance Guy Meet the Dodgers! […]

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