Dodgers FSN Live Appearance

Sat, Sep 13, 2008

Pre-game Shows, TV Appearances

So, as promised, here is the footage from the FSN Prime Ticket appearance BSG did last week for the Dodgers Live pre-game show. It was just a great overall experience for everyone invovled, and we can’t say enough about the FSN crew for helping to make this happen. Special thanks to Steve Lyons for being such a good sport. Enjoy everyone!

And a special thanks to Rick’ for providing BSG the historical footage for the Steve Lyons impression.

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8 Responses to “Dodgers FSN Live Appearance”

  1. Amber Says:



  2. jeff Says:

    the Dodgers bit was the best sports TV I have watched since, well, a really long time ago, Way to go BSG


  3. Jon O Says:

    Awesome. I always knew you would be a star.


  4. ALM Says:

    Good work – but, how dare you skip Kuroda! Postgame splits were awesome.


  5. maritza Says:

    omg…that was hilarious i was laughing so hard when i saw this on tv…the funniest one was russell martin’s…it’s sad cuz it’s true but he’s my favorite player…lol great job bsg. =]


  6. Sissa Says:

    Way to go, dude! My friend is a friend of BSG and she tipped me off to this vid. Nothing is finer than watching someone make a name for themselves through mastery of well, nonsense on youtube. LOVE it. :)


  7. Matt Booker Says:

    this is unbelievable, Gar, You are a celeb in Jesus!


  8. Gary D Says:


    Loving your Manny stance, keep doing what you been doing BSG!


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