FSN Prime Ticket TONIGHT ! / 4 San Diego Sept. 10!

Wed, Sep 3, 2008

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UPDATE: Tonight’s Appearance on FSN Prime Ticket NOT FSN West.

The west coast channels have come a callin’, and we are thrilled to announce 2 more television appearances for BSG. The first will be TONIGHT, Sept. 3rd, at 6:30pm on FSN Prime Ticket’s Dodgers Live, Pre-Game show. We’re not exactly sure what the FSN guys have in store for BSG, but we know he’ll have all his Dodgers stances ready to go (even Manny), so tune in, check it out, and let us know what you think.

Also, over the weekend, Channel 4 San Diego recorded a BSG session for the Padres that’s set to air next Wed. Sept. 10th. We’ll get you the exact time for the show early next week, so check back then.

Thanks again to everyone who’s been watching and sharing the videos and the site. These BSG TV appearances are only possible because of you!

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