Arizona Diamondbacks –
Chris Young
Connor Jackson
Orlando Hudson
Justin Upton
Luis Gonzalez
Steve Finley
Matt Williams
Tony Womack
Craig Counsell
Reggie Sanders
Mark Grace
Micah Ownings
Randy Johnson
David Dellucci
Eric Byrnes
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9 Responses to “Diamondbacks”

  1. chocolatemilk Says:

    Very funny….but your Steve Finley was somewhat inaccurate. He would have tugged on his nuts about 25 times during that span!


  2. Clifford Says:

    Very funny……I live in South Korea. I happened to visit a baseball site and saw you batting imitating haha……You gave me a big laughter.
    Since Chanho Park is a Korean guy, I would stay up late or wake up early to watch him playing while he was playing for Dodgers late 90s.
    MLB players are great.
    And you are even greater in batting haha.
    Good luck……


  3. Sarah Says:

    This cracked me up so much, its so accurate just as most of them are. I do agree wiht chocolatemilk though about steve finley. Micah is my favorite and it is so accurate! Great job!! Keep it up


  4. Bryan Says:

    That guy didn’t know who the first three batters were? Honestly?


  5. #1 sundevil Says:

    some of them were kinda accurate byrnseys was perfect but u left out a lot of stuff with o-dog and towards the middle of the season co-jack closed his stance a little bit. but i also agree with bryan how did that guy not know who orlando hudson connor jackson and chris young are cmon. O-dog had won 3 consecutive gold gloves until this year!


  6. tip Says:

    RJ needs a smaller stick.


  7. riley Says:

    Eric Byrnes was great. DUDE your a legend!!


  8. Simonds Says:

    You really need to add to your Steve Finley. You’ve got to get his fixing of his gloves and the ball grabbing, then you’d be right on. You cracked me up on David Letterman.


  9. sharp Says:

    dude. no no no. go look at some tape first Gonzo was horrific. counsell wasnt even looking at the pitcher. hudson was bad. i would love to help you out….seriously


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