(Update) BSG on FSN North’s Twins Pregame!

Tue, Aug 12, 2008

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Update: Thanks to the BSG fans who watched the session last Tuesday, and to those who’ve requested the video be posted. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are getting the footage from FSN North, and we’ll have it on the site as soon as possible. So stay tuned! Thanks everybody!

So we only recently got confirmation on this, but a session BSG recorded with FSN North for the Twins Pregame show will be airing Tuesday, Aug 12, sometime before the Twins take on the Yankees @ 8:10 ET. Sorry we can’t be more exact about the time, but if you live in that region, or have a cable package will all the FSN channels, and get a chance to check it out, we’d love to hear from you.

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6 Responses to “(Update) BSG on FSN North’s Twins Pregame!”

  1. Donnie Says:

    I happened to catch the last bit of the bit and thought it was hilarious! Especially smalley’s “you can’t see my chest”. Nice job!


  2. Trish Says:

    Any chance this segment will be put online anytime? I’ve seen the youtube videos but unfortunately I missed watching this segment and would like to see it.


  3. Lisa Says:

    Please submit the bit from the Twins game on Tues Aug 12-we can’t find it anywhere on the web-you are so true with the at bats!


  4. admin Says:

    We’re getting the footage from FSN North, so we should have it posted on the site sometime soon.


  5. Retro man Says:

    You’re doing a great job. CAn’t wait to see it!


  6. Luke Says:

    I Saw you on the brewers pregame show and I was hoping you would have footage from that on here it was hilarious.


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