Thu, Jul 31, 2008

AL Teams, AL West, Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers-
Josh Hamilton
Michael Young
Milton Bradley
Hank Blalock
Ian Kinsler
Mark Teixeira
Ivan Rodriguez
Raffael Palmiero
Will Clark
Juan Gonzalez
Rusty Greer
Ruben Sierra
Dean Palmer
Al Oliver
Julio Franco
Kenny Rogers
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17 Responses to “Rangers”

  1. Baseball fan Says:

    nice socks! Great video!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Lol, spot on with the Blalock swing. Nice job.


  3. Greg Says:

    Perfect. I probably would enjoy watching all the teams if I knew what everyone stances looked like. I guess I could just watch Batting Stance Guy and find out.


  4. Werth Says:

    None of these people look anything like they do in real life, especially Pudge, Hamilton, Bradley, and Young!


  5. Marie Says:

    How can BSG do the Texas Rangers and leave out Pete O’Brien (’82-’88)? One of their best hitters ever, and one very unique batting style!


  6. AJ Says:

    The two that didnt look right were Michael Young and ian kinsler. Especially Kinsler he twists when he goes up to bat and hes a little slower than that. julio Franco is hilarious and Kenny Rogers was too.


  7. big daddy Says:

    i think its hillarious and josh hamilton is right on the money i dont know what werth is talking about…its just over dramatic…i think mickey tettleton would be a great one to consider doing, craziest batting stance ever!! im going to work on doing this with pitchers, ive been working on them, and got lincecum and halladay pretty good


  8. jake Says:

    kenny rogers was dead on!!!


  9. MC Says:

    You absolutley nailed Franco. I remember an all-star game where he was batting against Rob Dibble, and the annoucers didn’t even think he’d be able to get the bat around in time.


  10. Austin Says:

    hey man im a huge fan i hope u do a 2009 rangers video soon i want to see how u imitate nelson cruz


  11. Trey Says:

    Dude all were good, but you left out one of the most goofy Ranger hitters of all time…Mickey Tettleton!


  12. Anonymous Says:

    almost half theese ppl dont even look right especially young and kinsler. young gets lower and doesnt move his foot like that, and kinsler bends down moves his bat a little slower and twists a couple times but all the yest were good.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Not that good at ian kinsler but iight..


  14. Drew Says:

    What about Mike Hargrove (the human rain delay)


  15. elmer Says:

    kinsler needs work


  16. Anonymous Says:

    you did ian kinsler wrong



  1. […] as the model. So because Killebrew’s stance wasn’t as completely unique as, say, Julio Franco’s, we’re probably never going to reach the universal conclusion that it’s him in that […]

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