Houston Astros-
Carlos Lee
Hunter Pence
Craig Biggio
Jeff Bagwell
Jose Cruz Sr.
Glenn Davis
Billy Hatcher
Kevin Bass
Craig Reynolds
Brad Ausmus
Denny Walling
Tony Eusebio
Mike Lamb
Morgan Ensberg
Lance Berkman

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23 Responses to “Astros”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    pretty much right on..painful


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Biggio , Pence and Bagwell dead pull funny

    How on earth can he remember Eusebio and Bass?

    Ensberg hysterical..long time Houston observer..he got them all


  3. Anonymous Says:


    Now he rests his bat at a 45 degree angle with the barrel of the bat touching the outside of the plate right up until the pitcher becomes set. Otherwise right on! Keep up the excellent work.


  4. Dave Says:

    But Ensberg wouldn’t have swung!

    And Ausmus looking at the third base coach is perfect.

    Excellent job.


  5. Liddy Says:

    Love your Bagwell. Any chance you’ll be adding Jimmy Wynn’s stance – remember the Toy Cannon?? Or are you too young?


  6. Self-appointed Expert on Everything Says:

    What, no Cedeno? The most glaring omission.

    Great stuff!


  7. Dustin Says:

    I don’t get it? This guy sucks. The only thing he get’s right is what side of the plate the players batted on.


  8. timmy! Says:

    Gotta do 90’s Biggio with the high leg kick.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Where are Caminiti and Bell?


  10. no mame Says:



  11. Someone who actually knows what stances look like Says:

    How are you famous for this?? Not a single one of those stances were accurate except for the side of the plate they’re on. What a joke…YOU SUCK


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Tony U!!!!
    Classic. As a long-time ‘Stros fan, it’s good to see I wasn’t the only one doing this in my backyard.


  13. Hooks Fan Says:

    Classic stuff. My only suggestion is to really make Ensberg really accurate, don’t swing.

    Enjoyed the heck out of the Letterman segment


  14. the stros Says:

    Some of you are dumb asses, it’s not meant to be entirely perfect. It’s suppose to be exaggerated to a point, and funny.


  15. Mt Says:

    hahaha i just saw your quickie on David Letterman and couldnt stop laughing! this is hilarious! and for all you dumbasses thinking this guys dumb..hes exaggerating all of these..its funny, stop being so serious! keep up the good work i love laughing at all of these


  16. Stephanie Says:

    Purdy good….if you want to do Craig Reynolds accurately you’ve got to mess around with one of your eyes like you lost your contact lens before each pitch. (Would also be funny…right in your wheelhouse.) I agree with Ensberg not swinging, but you should include a close-up of your face looking like you’ve popped one too many greenies.


  17. tony robinson Says:

    Eusabio had me rolling on the floor. just awesome stuff.


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