Minnesota Twins-
Justin Morneau
Joe Mauer
Torii Hunter
Chuck Knoblauch
Kirby Puckett
Gary Gaetti
Rod Carew
Tom Brunansky
Jacque Jones
Greg Gagne
Dan Gladden
Shane Mack
Gene Larkin
Tim Laudner
Kent Hrbek
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17 Responses to “Twins”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty good reproductions! Concerning Joe Mauer, as he gets into the batter’s box he always sweeps the dirt front to back, back to front with his right foot, then starts digging a spot for his left foot. He always places the tip of his bat on home plate and has he lifts the bat to his shoulder he adjusts his batting helmet by placing his right hand on the top of the helmet, with fingers spread out.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where was Pags?


  3. Shinuzi Says:

    Great imatation of Morneau with the bat twirl.


  4. Larry Yano Says:

    Hrbek, mauer and morneau were money!!!



  5. TwinsGuy Says:

    Solid job – I just saw you on the Twins broadcast. This site is awesome!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    HOTT! Are you single? 😉


  7. Andrew Says:

    Torii Hunter was hilarious


  8. Chris Says:

    Haha the Torii Hunter bat throw is on the money! Great imitation of Chuck Knoblauch too


  9. Pete Says:

    dead on with every one. hilarious!


  10. Dawn Says:

    So…don’t dare attempt a Killebrew?


  11. chris Says:

    So many great ones in this series; Laudner, hrbek, morneau were great.
    I miss Puckett’s exaggerated leg kick, though.


  12. Joe Braga Says:

    Mauer’s was really inaccurate. He has his hands higher, up by his ear. He also rotates his hips but leads with his hands… an “inside out swing”


  13. maarko Says:

    Great stuff! Love to see Killer and Tony-O added! Two classics!


  14. Burkel Says:

    I say this with the up-most due respect. You aren’t as good as people say you are. You flicker the bat a lot no matter what the stance. Mauer does not have a closed stance, morneau taps the bat to his shoulder 2wice than a 2 sec. pause before tapping once more. Than he loads and crouches, and of course blowes up his face like a baloon! Try to swing like them too. Every swing you have a leg kick and twitch your feet and bat really fast, CALM DOWN!!!


  15. Minnesota DJ Says:

    Calm down, some of you knuckleheads. If you’re such geniuses about battings stances, then YOU should be the one who thought of all this. Gar’s skill is NOT ONLY in doing the batting stances to a “T,” but his ability to have FUN with it, his ability to pick one or two batting characteristics and exaggerate/satirize them, and his snappy patter while he does it! Did you see him on Letterman??!! Not only were the batting stances “spot-on,” but he was HILARIOUS in his presentation. So, all you pinheads and rubes who criticize the most MINUTE detail, go back into your mom’s basement and play video games and watch online porn . . . like you do most days.


  16. Jared Says:

    I can’t stop watching this stuff… Burkel, whoever you are, this is for fun. If we wanted to see the exact stances, we would go watch the actual players. Honestly, I can’t tell if you are joking or not with your precise analysis of the Morneau and Mauer stances, but I hope you are.

    Keep it up BSG – hope to see you on TV again sometime soon


  17. Ben Says:

    Knoblauch had the bat way back and made circles going down, but maybe that was in his Yankees days. Definitely had the finger twiddle though!


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