Mon, Jun 16, 2008

AL Teams, AL West, Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners-
Ichiro Suzuki
Richie Sexson
Raul Ibanez
Kenji Johjima
Edgar Martinez
Ken Griffey Jr.
Dan Wilson
Jay Buhner
Mike Blowers
Alvin Davis
Danny Tartabull
Tom Paciorek
Bruce Bochte
Luis Sojo
Brett Boone
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14 Responses to “Mariners”

  1. Tyler Says:

    The Mariner team is my favorite out of all the rest!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Buhner and davis was so funny i almost peed myself


  3. Chris Says:

    The Ichiro one is so funny. He always does that though, rubbing his nose against his sleeve haha


  4. Rich Says:

    wow your ichiro was horrible.


  5. Brian Says:

    your ichiro is horrible. missing sleeve tug, flamingo stance and leg lift. He also doesnt crouch. actually you should focus less on unique aspects and make your movements fluid since all of your stances look like golf swings from sir charles


  6. Joe Says:

    Rich and Brian suck.


  7. steve Says:

    Not only very accurate with his insight on every hitter, this guys is a great performer. Very entertaining! Jojima and Boone really cracked me up! Seeing the stances of Martinez and Boone again here reminisces the good ‘ol Mariner days. Well done!!


  8. Jake Says:

    Griffey was funny but boone cracked me up


  9. August Says:

    That’s a-mAzing!!


  10. Pure Hitter Says:

    Classic! Next to Pat Tabler, Mike Blowers always had the best pure stroke of the 80’s.


  11. buttface Says:

    that was so funny i almost peed my pants on the griffey one


  12. pat Says:

    Brett Boone killed me. Nice Griffey. Buhner, oh yeah..


  13. jb Says:

    wow i dnt know how people can be so critical and hat so much…your hillarious dude wether its 100% accurate or not i lmao everytime i watch ur vids!


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