SF Giants-
Randy Winn
Aaron Rowand
Barry Bonds
Jeff Kent
Will Clark
Matt Williams
JT Snow
Kevin Mitchell
Bob Brenly
Jeffrey Leonard
Chilli Davis
Benito Santiago
Robby Thompson
Tsuyoshi Shinjo
Rich Aurilia
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25 Responses to “Giants”

  1. Tobias Says:

    Awesome job!! Hac Man (ofd), Will the Thrill, Shinjo, Santiago, and saving the best for last, Rich Aurilia!

    Giants fans everywhere salute you!


  2. Scott Says:

    Fantastic. I love the Matt Williams shoulder nuzzle and Bonds pointing at the sky is a nice touch. Jeffrey Leonard was awesome also. Thanks!


  3. John Says:

    The Thrill foot slide after taking the pitch was epic. Richie throwing the helmet at the end. That is just outstanding. Keep working the film room.


  4. Cat Says:

    I loved the Richie fake bunt with the head turn. Tip of the hat to you.


  5. Klonoa Says:

    Too funny. You captured the very expressive Richie Aurilia very well, what with the stance, mannerisms, tantrum, facial expressions and all; easily my favorite of all the ones you’ve done so far


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant. Shinjo is a classic


  7. Brewer Man Says:

    Bonds needs some work.


  8. nick Says:

    why do you have jeff kent with the giants?


  9. HHH Says:

    Wheres Willie Mays??


  10. Rory Says:

    First off you are brilliant, I thought you only did Red Sox, but now I see you’ve done my favorite team the Giants!

    Randy Winn – Nailed it, great herky jerky manerisms.
    Aaron Rowand – Need to pull both pant legs up before getting into stance, and need to stick your ass out more. (no homo)
    Barry Bonds – Over-exaggerated pre stance bat motions, needs some work.
    Jeff Kent – Nothing special
    Will Clark – Probably my favorite of the bunch. Great long leg kick leading into the swing, and great bat motion while in the stance.
    Matt Williams – Dead on with the eating of the shoulder, that is a classic ritual.
    JT Snow – Great swing, JT always dug out the low and in pitches.
    Kevin Mitchell – Average
    Bob Brenly – Solid overall.
    Jeffrey Leonard – Loved the trot after the swing.
    Chilli Davis – Solid again.
    Benito Santiago – Probably the best imitated swing of the whole bunch. Benito always flailed his head after swings and misses it drove me fucking nuts. You really caught that perfectly.
    Robby Thompson – Great swing with Robbie, classic pounce out of the box after contact.
    Tsuyoshi Shinjo – Definitely caught Shinjos weird quirkiness, god did I hate him. The swing is brilliant again because he always ended up about two feet out of the batters box.
    Rich Aurilia – Classic. Richie always pats the top of his helmet down and looks longingly at the 3rd base coach. Very well done.

    Keep up the good work!


  11. Carl Says:

    Fuckin Nailed It man, You ROCK!


  12. Royhobbs Says:

    awesome job… not just dumb luck that there were flies while you were doing the Giants. Bleeding Dodger Blue. Go Doigers!!!


  13. Kirk Says:

    Great stuff. You have a gift ! I’ve done batting stances my whole life but my best was half as good as your worst… Its incredible how you even get the facial expressions down.


  14. LC Says:

    had to check this out after the KNBR interview. AWESOME!


  15. J.J. Says:

    Enjoyed your appearance on Murph and Mac this morning. Loved the Giants batting stances. One comment–what about Aurilia’s incessant batting glove readjustments in between pitches?


  16. Cliff Says:

    Richies was definitely the best! But yes like JJ says you were missing the re-tightening of the batting gloves.

    Missed you in the Murph and Mac show this morning I will have to check it out on the web.
    I loved how you all of the after the swing emotions! Giants Fans thank you!!!

    Future Star Request:
    Pablo Sandoval


  17. Cliff Says:


    I loved how you ACTED all of the after swing emotions.


  18. Jon Says:

    A million props for the best video I have ever seen. My life between ages 8 and 30 just flashed before my eyes. You would have gotten a bonus point had you fit in Kurt Manwaring’s sorry little bastard swing. But I rank them for accuracey: #1 Aurilia, #2 The Thrill #3 Winn. Benito’s gorrilla squat wasn’t bad as an honorable mention.

    One more comment – You are either a genius or you are the most lonely man in the world.


  19. John Says:

    Nailed em, except for A. Row, need to literally take a shit before getting set then literally take a shit again and roll over into a 6-4-3 or swing over the top of a slider away and scowl at the camera in amazement that the league keeps throwing you 2 strike sliders….


  20. Joe Says:

    Loved it. Thanks for doing members of my lifelong team. Would love to see Willie McCovey and Pablo Sandoval. One a classic, the other a classic in the making.


  21. Flor Says:

    ROFLMAO! Although, a little work on the one of the most unusual stances, Aaron Rowand. If you could combine your Diamondbacks Matt Williams with the Giants version, it would be perfect.
    Might be a little before your time, Tito Fuentes had some weird mannerisms before an at-bat.
    And yes, gotta get the Pablo Sandoval down.


  22. Steve Says:

    Awesome job!!! You nailed Will the Thrill, far and away the bet of the bunch. Gotta find a way to break a bat over leg on strike 3 to get the real Chili Davis. Also, your Aurilia needs more of the fidgeting with the batting gloves. Given that Brenly is nothing special, how ’bout adding a Pablo Sandoval into the mix.


  23. Chris Says:

    batting stance guy is awesome! hahahaha

    the next one on your list definitely has to be PABLO SANDOVAL!



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