Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays-
Vernon Wells
John Olerud
Roberto Alomar
Joe Carter
Devon White
George Bell
Lloyd Moseby
Jesse Barfield
Tony Fernandez
Willie Upshaw
Alfredo Griffin
Rance Mulliniks
Kelly Gruber
Ernie Whitt
Tony Batista
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6 Responses to “Blue Jays”

  1. jayster7 Says:

    Great collection of Blue Jay greats… you nailed them. Especially loved the Ernie Whitt, Tony Batista, and Tony Fernandez.

    I would like to suggest two more that you didn’t do here… two that are EXTREMELY unique and would be a joy for all Jays fans to see: Junior Felix and especially Garth Iorg.

    Thanks for this!


  2. Jaysfan Says:

    I have to agree with PP – Garth Iorg had the “best” batting stance of all. Definitely have to make sure you include him at some point.


  3. jaysjays Says:

    Fernandez, Long, Batista-SPOT ON
    Mulliniks was absolutly amazing

    i would have to say though the wells could do better.

    a little longer with the stance
    also every time he misses a pitch or theres a called strike he doesnt like. he will walk around the whole batting box taking his sweet time


  4. TdotO Says:

    Where is Delgado, McGriff, Rios, and Sprague??


  5. jeffrey Says:

    are you serious about this? dumb


  6. Louie Says:

    Haha if Batista wasn’t included here somewhere I’d be shocked


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