Sat, May 17, 2008

Atlanta Braves, NL East, NL Teams

Atlanta Braves-
Chipper Jones
Jeff Francoeur
Andruw Jones
David Justice
Dale Murphy
Fred McGriff
Ron Gant
Ryan Klesko
Otis Nixon
Glen Hubbard
Bob Horner
Deion Sanders
Lonnie Smith
Mark Lemke
Fransisco Cabrera
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14 Responses to “Braves”

  1. JB Says:

    I think you did our boys justice with your portrayals. Brought back some great memories for me at least to see Hubbard, the Murph (my all time fav.), and I especially Crime Dog’s exaggerated swing.

    I added you to my links so I hope some more folks will coming to check this out. If you don’t mind I’d like to feature your You Tube video of the Braves on my site.

    Great stuff. I think I’ll stop back by and get a T Shirt of mug or something…

    see? this IS marketable!

    JB in ATL


  2. Colin Says:

    I wanted to see the most undeniably recognizable swing in baseball – Julio Franco. I know he’s not a current (or legendary) Braves figure but the man was one heck of a player.

    Love the site!


  3. JB Says:

    yes! I was just thinking about how I needed to see Julio but with what team?

    Same goes for Moises Alou. Where would he be featured? Mets? Cubs? Expos?


  4. Lauren T. Says:

    I love that “Andruw” fell down. This made my day — thanks!


  5. Shannon Says:

    How could you forget Julio Franco’s bat pointed right at the pitcher!!?! One of the classics…


  6. Jerry Says:

    hahaha, loved it. Klesko’s and Deion’s were dead on, pre batting and all. Nicely done


  7. Frankie Says:

    Thank you for the memories and the laughs!


  8. Paul G Says:

    I had a feeling your Klesko was going to be classic….and it was! It’s funny how the most hilarious impersonations are because they are the most dead-on. The Andruw and McGriff are also classic. And you gotta love the Bob Horner called third strike…very appropriate!

    Keep’em coming!


  9. Wade Says:

    That was awesome!


  10. Totty Says:

    Adam Laroche, Brian McCan c’mon
    everything else was good though


  11. P-Dot Says:

    Awsome dude! ur great, u need to defintly add yunel, with the whole throwing of his bat and stuff, i would love to see u do his stance and swing!


  12. Jason Says:

    You just made me cry with laughter after a rough, long week. Such awesome 90s memories. Thanks!


  13. Mark Says:

    Ryan Klesko. Absolutely classic.



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