Sat, May 10, 2008

NL East, NL Teams

NY Mets-
David Wright
Jose Reyes
Carlos Beltran
Carlos Delgado
Mike Piazza
Darryl Strawberry
Gary Carter
Wally Backman
Howard Johnson
Lee Mazzilli
Dave Kingman
Len Dykstra
Ray Knight
Benny Agbayani
Mookie Wilson
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16 Responses to “Mets”

  1. QuestDGW Says:

    LOL I love the follow throughs. They were all pretty damn close to perfect for each player. Was expecting Moises Alou though, maybe he’s in your expos/Nationals section, I shall go find out. GOOD JOB!


  2. Jessica Says:

    I thought the David Wright one was hysterical… got him perfect, from the adjusting of the batting gloves, the stretching he does with the bat, and then the way he wipes his face with his shirt….He does that every time he bats! I couldn’t stop laughing. Awesome job!!!!


  3. Andrew Says:

    Moises is listed as a cub


  4. Steve Says:

    Well done! Great finisher with the most important play of Mookie Wilson’s career.


  5. Watty Says:

    Great job! Caught you on the MLB network the other night and had to check out this site. One critique though… you need to do the “GET DOWN” motion telling Kevin Mitchell to slide (which he didn’t) at the end after Mookie dives out of the way of the ball.


  6. Rich Says:

    the camera dude should stop laughing. it’s not that funny.


  7. Roan Says:

    Great job–but no Tim Teufel and his “Teufel shuffle?”


  8. RAK Says:

    Great job — but what about Felix Milan?


  9. Manny Says:

    Can you do Daniel Murphy’s??? I know he’s a new guy but i know you can do it.


  10. Manny Says:

    Can u also do beltran from the right side as well?


  11. Mike Says:

    Agree with Roan. No Mets lineup is complete without the Teufel Shuffle.


  12. Jeff Says:

    David Wrights was perfect


  13. tyler Says:

    you should use a real bat it would look better.
    but its good


  14. Bri Says:

    What about Super Joe McEwing?


  15. kyle Says:

    Keith as a Cardinal but not a Met!?! You’re killing me


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